About project partners and project

North-Bačka District is located in the area, which was in recent history affected by armed conflict(s), considerable demographic and painful demographic changes. Although Csongrád County was not directly affected by these conflicts, ethnic Hungarians living in Serbia have felt the consequences of war and some of them have even fled to Hungary (mostly to Szeged) where they have started their lives over again. Such past of the region contains enough elements to undermine the return of trust of the majority of people living therein.

Consequently, there are many lingering prejudices. The average citizen on both sides of the border is convinced that his or hers country ensures more rights and liberties to the ‘opposing’ minority than his compatriots enjoy in a neighbouring state. Through the activities of the Project, the partners will try to increase awareness and better inter-ethnic understanding and
cooperation of the ethnic communities, especially young people, living on either side of the border.

The Project opts for a decisive media promotion of tourism and cultural diversity of the cross-border region through co-operation activities in the field of culture and promotion of less known tourist contents. This is to be achieved by producing, distributing and airing a joint TV show composed of 20 25-minute long (Each episode will be composed of five fiveminute
recordings of young authors) episodes. These will be aired biweekly during the 9-month period on at least two local TV stations in Szeged and Subotica.

In addition to presenting the cultural diversity and tourism potential of CB region, the project will pay special attention to young people and members of minority communities.

The partner organizations have a vast and successful experience in mutual cooperation in the field of media, promotion and documentary making.
Cooperation between beneficiaries lasts for many years. So far, the most important form of cooperation was the joint realization of IPA project
entitled Cross-border media promotion of interculturalism across the Pannonian region.

DigiReg is a non-governmental association, which has in the past few years built up quite a reputable capacity in project implementation in the field of media, information, and promotion of interculturalism. It has office facilities, its own film production studio, storage space, professional video montage and editing equipment, computer equipment. DigiReg has many members and enthusiasts (nine in total) who are working professionally on various projects in the field of media.

Szó-Tér has a rich experience in project implementation in the field of media and promotional business. The association was established in 2002 and during the last fifteen years have executed more than 12 projects, three of which were cross-border in nature. It has 15 people working either as employees or volunteers most of which are experts in the field of media, film
production, public promotion, etc. It has facilities in Szeged downtown which are equipped with various equipment (computers, cameras, recorders, etc.).

Clear benefits of the project can be expressed as a new knowledge and deeper insight into the phenomena of research such as the possibility of developing tourism potential, the richness of different cultures, understanding the
position of young people, the attitude of the majority towards minorities, and so on.