Video conference on visual communication in the digital age

Regarding the IPA Hungary-Serbia tender for 2019 in connection with cooperation in the field of culture and tourism, Szó-tér Association from Szeged with the Association of the Digital Region won the tender for the development of cross-border tourism.During the complex project, the associations organized training through ten workshops for young people interested in visual communication in Csongrád County and Vojvodina.Experts i.e. mentors of the association have trained “filmmakers” volunteers to make “community videos”. During hands-on sessions, using fresh ideas and vision, they made short films and studies on tourist attractions, events and topics in Csongrád County.

We wanted to share the experience of successfully completing the training at a professional conference called Digital Visual Communication with training participants and friends interested in digital film techniques and practical knowledge, including those interested in developing cross-border tourism.However, unfortunately, the coronavirus epidemic prevented the planned event, and we therefore had to move the public to the “digital space”.

The following link will allow you to get acquainted with the mentors’ lectures during the training.

Watch the video conferention here

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